Financial Personalities from NYC to DC

  • Jon Najarian, Guy Adami and Myself
    I recently traveled to Manhattan to attend a conference at the New York Stock Exchange that covered commodities as well as the financial markets. I also managed to get tickets CNBC's Fast Money, which was hosted live at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington DC.

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The smartest guys in the room

  • Alan Greenspan
    Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve
  • Warren Buffet
    Richest man in the world, founder of Berkshire Hathaway
  • Timothy Barakett
    Co-manager of hedge fund Atticus Capital
  • T. Boone Pickens
    Legendary Texas oil and gas executive, founder of BP Capital
  • Steve Cohen
    Founder of hedge fund SAC Capital
  • Mohamed El-Erian
    Co-CIO of PIMCO
  • Martin Feldstein
    Economist and President of the National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Marc Faber
    Economist and founder of Marc Faber Limited
  • Ken Heebner
    Co-founder of Capital Growth Management
  • Julian Robertson
    Founder of hedge fund Tiger Management Corp.
  • John Keeley
    President of Keeley Asset Management
  • Jim Rogers
    Co-founder of the Quantum fund and founder of the Rogers International Commodities Index
  • James Simons
    Founder of hedge fund Renaissance Technologies Corporation
  • George Soros
    Founder of Soros Fund Management and co-founder of the Quantum Fund
  • David Slager
    Deputy Chairman of hedge fund Atticus Capital
  • David Shaw
    Founder of hedge fund D.E. Shaw
  • Bruce Kovner
    Hedge fund manager at Caxton Associates
  • Bill Gross
    CIO of PIMCO
  • Arthur Samberg
    Chairman of Pequot Capital Management